John Martini lives and works in Key West, Florida and Veuxhaulles-Sur-Aube, France. His sculptures are shown internationally in galleries and museums including Lucky Street Gallery in Key West, Sandler Hudson Gallery in Atlanta, GA, the Shidoni Annual in New Mexico, Galerie Antoine Laurentin in Paris, France and Galleria Santamarta in Milan, Italy. His works are extensively represented in private and public collections including the large installation, “Head2Head,” at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey.




John Martini’s wry intelligence lays our human condition bare.
How fondly we dream . . . that every perfection of love and beauty might last!

Above us, birds know. They sing the beauty of ideas. Below us, thorns ensnare.
The bomb’s fuse is lit! It’s burning down!

But these glorious females keep distracting us. From what?
I’m a man-about-town in a cool hat—bearing flowers for you, honey-babe!

Yet living presences surround me, men or beasts. These fragile creatures persevere. Some warn; others encourage.
Their flesh is mortal dread. Yet their spirit is joie de vivre. These opposites unite and ignite.

–Spectre of the Brocken
(Annie Dillard)